Watching Paint Dry
Jefferson and His Crocodile Women
…of anniversaries and starting over
We wait in song and lie
Oil Painting – Process Photos
We three who knew the safety to breathe
When I was young, my hand was held by the glove I wear today.
Remember fever days when motherless silence broke this eardrum heart
I’m not that sorry you cry awake, my one and only never came.
The most beautiful day I’ve had in the saddest month I can
How long must I stand with my heart placed over my hand?
And in his absence, few knew who to be
And together, we’ll remain the parts that make the whole of our pain.
He used to walk through fields ashamed, divided by the eyes that wave.
And one day lying on grass, you’ll decide to leave your parents in the past.
Twilight twigs scratched on window glass
We surrender sorrow to the tall grass at murky meadow ponds
The virtues of disbelief
The swaying back of her bright tambourine
Suicide walk through the field of the willow
Sunset oceans above her maple tree
Gumballs under tongues
Funeral of Peter Pan
The girls protect their mistress
The girl who dreamt my fate to be our saint
I was blessed with a death so insincere. (Jonah)