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The Cryptonomist

September 21, 2020

The $100,000 NFT exhibited in Rome

In the next 10 years, this work could become the most important piece of the crypto art movement, combining art, which has always had its own materiality with physical and tangible works, with the ephemeral side of digitization.


September 19, 2020

NFT Digital Art That Changes With Bitcoin Price Volatility Sold for Record $101,000

NFT Digital Art That Changes With Bitcoin Price Volatility Sold for Record $101,000 Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time,” a non-fungible token (NFT) digital artwork that changes every day with the bitcoin price volatility, claims the artist, has been sold for a record 262 ether or $101,100 on blockchain platform Async Art.


June 21, 2020


“This community is a grand experiment with limitless potential to inspire and influence the outside world. The reality is that much of the world is sick right now and has been for some time; long before this virus. If we can show the world what a healthy and sustainable community looks like, it will go a long way toward mainstream adoption. People prefer to be healthy, want to be loved, want to be connected to inspiring people. We can be those people. We can become the model that makes the old model obsolete.”

painting of yellow teeth and hot pink lips being kissed


July 21, 2020


“One of my favorite pieces was Matt Kane’s Excessive Force – Cat Devouring Bird after Picasso. This piece is not the usual for Matt in terms of subject matter, and seeing a different side to his art was really thrilling. Others agreed and there was a pretty good bid war going and it ended up selling for for 8.5 ETH (over $2,000) to Tennessee Jed. Take a look and get lost in the animation layers. Subtle, but SO TASTY!”

Leaning into the Light

I’d argue that true genius is light. Artists aspire to be the light which others lean into, not the other way around. In my own humble collecting of art, I’m specifically looking for artists who are guided primarily by an inner light, working outside the trend.


June 30, 2020


For the past month, as witnesses to the brutal events and the resulting protests unfolding across the United States – and then across the world, many crypto artists on SuperRare aligned themselves on the side of social justice, using art as an act of protest against racial inequality. Calling for change, they produced compelling artworks addressing the struggle against racism, police violence, and inequality.

“This #cryptoart community is 🔥 & 🖤 . It’s been very meaningful to me this week to join fellow artists, collectors, and platforms in the lane of art activism. It’s the best way I’m able to contribute to the voices, minds, and bodies constructively seeking change and justice.” -Matt Kane


April 23, 2020


“After his promising entry into the art world back in 2004, Matt Kane took a break from it to push further his creative research. He did not want to commit to one style too soon, and ended up designing himself the software that now allows his visions to come to life in the digital realm, switching from one esthetic to the other.

We asked him to show us the creative process behind one of his pieces. “

NFT London

May 27, 2020

Introducing Async Art - Panel Led By Serena Tabacchi

As part of NFT London, Serena Tabacchi, founder and director at MoCDA, led a panel discussion introducing programmable art platform, Async Art. Members of the panel included Conlan Rios, Nathan Clapp, Sparrow, Josie Bellini, Skeenee and Matt Kane.


May 17, 2020

HODLING IDEAS - Matt Kane at Virtual Art Festival 2020

Slide presentation and discussion around the artist’s physical work created around themes of currency between 2006-2008. Kane discusses how he brought these themes back into his work recently and what that journey looked like.

hodling ideas matt kane - VRAF may 14 - 17, 2020


March 25, 2020

Algorithmic Crypto Art Changes Appearance to Reflect Bitcoin Volatility

Asynchronous Art revealed Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time” today, an artwork that evolves dynamically in response to BTC price action. As the value of the cryptocurrency changes, so too does the artwork, explained Kane:

“Each day, a new look for the Master is generated using a data feed of Bitcoin’s last 24 hours of price action. Each hour’s price programmatically controls rotation, scale, and position of a correlating layer.”


“Lately, I’m reflecting on what makes our cyptoart space and NFT technology meaningful in the context of this global pandemic. I’m thinking about the way of life we’re leaving behind and our post-quarantine futures. My strategy for art making is not to dwell in destruction or despair, but busy myself in what needs building for when the world becomes ready.

I believe humanity will emerge with greater capacity for compassion and a reverence for the interconnected system we are. In my latest work, I update antiquated fiat currency aesthetics with an ethos our community has injected into our tech. The reasons we stay become the reasons others arrive.”

— Matt Kane

Programing the Future of Art with Matt Kane

“This week’s Spotlight is on the one and only @MattKane. Matt is a digital artist who uses special software *that he hand coded* to make truly unique works of art.

During the course of our conversation we discuss his incredibly unique creative process, dig into the importance of artists standing up for themselves to fight for perpetual royalties, his crypto art collecting philosophy, his unique approach to relationships with collectors and much more.”


January 17, 2020

The Marble.Cards Crypto Artist Series

Matt Kane: Combining art and deep tech with astonishing results. You will get lost in the details. Creator of one of our favorite cryptoart pieces last year.

Marbled URL: https://www.moneyfactory.gov/

Card: https://marble.cards/card/585

the all seeing eye rests inside a green pyramid. surrounded by an orange frame, the design looks like a dollar in the amount of zero

SuperRare Weekly Update

November 8, 2019

Artist Matt Kane Breaks All-Time Sale Record!

This week SR artist Matt Kane broke the all-time SuperRare sale record when he sold his piece “One of Us — Variation 1” to collector Conlan for 7.75 ETH (about $1,442 at today’s prices). It was no easy task winning this piece, as Conlan had to battle against 5 other collectors (and 39 prior bids over 6 days) to take it home.

Conlan has now placed the artwork for everyone to see in the Reflection Room at The Rubix (cryptovoxels). Take some time this weekend to check out this amazing piece in VR!

image of a layered artwork selling on the NFT platform SuperRare

Welcome to New Artist Matt Kane

“Matt’s approach to art and technology is unique and refreshing, and we’re really excited to have him on SuperRare.”