2021 | nft & relational transactions on blockchain


This is an NFT from the EthWords project which allows unique ownership of words on the blockchain. I minted “congrats” and chose to send it to the digital wallet of Mike Winkelmann, a digital designer also known as Beeple, at the moment of the closing of his record setting auction at Christies on March 11, 2021. The intent is for this NFT to be passed on when heartfelt “congrats” is intended to be expressed. This will create a chain of relational transactions between artists and community members, moving forward into the future, recording a portion of CryptoArt history as it happens.

In the event a recipient of this NFT requires financial help to pay for the gas in order to pass this NFT on to the next, they should privately reach out to me through DM on Twitter prior to sending.


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