October 10, 2020

Why Async Art? An Artist's Perspective.

But what I’m more excited about? That what the Async Art token innovates is conceptual. Layers are being utilized at launch, but the concept is much bigger. I’m excited for the choreographer, the performance artist, the musician. I’m excited for the many forms of art, which given some tech development and imagination, will be able to be tokenized in a way that honors art form and tradition.

How does one sell art on the blockchain? Start with provenance. Then move on to respecting what the artwork actually is composed of. And above all else? Keep art viewership and ownership about having an experience; one that circumvents geography, age, culture, time, and human lifespan.

I ask myself all these questions. My answer today is @AsyncArt. I’m impressed by the team’s diligence, thoughtfulness, and the robustness of the smart-contract to answer yes to so many queries and hypothetical questions I’ve posed to Conlan and the team. From here, I expect reasonably rapid growth in technical development, UI, and experience for artist, viewer and collector alike. And I expect artists will be able to innovate, using the Async Art tokens as an actual artistic medium. It’s been my honor and privilege to be part of this step forward with such a competent, motivated team.