June 21, 2022

Matt Kane listed among NFT100 2022 by nftnow

“Matt Kane is a painter and digital artist who uses coding and algorithms to create dynamic NFTs that often evolve over time. For example, Kane’s “Right Place Right Time” NFT is constructed of 24 separate layers that are synchronized with Bitcoin’s price volatility at varying times, meaning the digital artwork is constantly changing. That NFT was one of the first to sell for over $100,000. As such, it was an early signal to mainstream audiences that NFT art is a serious artistic and cultural phenomenon. Kane’s work also emphasizes longevity, as evidenced by the generative art of his “Gazers” NFTs, which alter their appearance in accordance with changes in lunar cycles. His focus on NFT art’s staying power is an attribute that acts as a distinct counter to the “pump and dump” ethos that often undermines the idea of building sustainable artistic communities in the era of Web3.”