The Rifle Boy
Clung Together Like a Magician's Skarf
Chimney Sweep
A shared sisterhood of Sky and Sunshine.
Study for Unchanged
siblings erased
Untitled Self Portrait
Wheatfield Nightmare
And she saved him with the space below her home.
Study for Waiting.
We’re going to riddle his identity’s lost years.
Study for Take each day without dismiss.
Study for Sailor
Study for Borrowed Confidence
Study for Leona
Study for Glass Eye Sally.
Remain unchanged inside the consequences of other’s sins.
Making of a layered Resin Box
I’ll forgive you for giving me your father’s name.
When I was young, my hand was held by the glove I wear today.
So his fate forgave the time he spent to hesitate
Eleven Mercury Stars over Lyman.
Leona May
Dress me in your father’s sailor clothes, I’ll still become my own.
Sunset oceans above her maple tree
After the Theft
Stolen Children
Where I dream to lie in Circumstance
Virtues of Disbelief
Until her flowers blossom to heaven
Leona giggled in the face of futures to come
A little late

Making of a layered Resin Box

In order to make a resin box, I’d pour a layer of resin within a duct tape sealed wood frame, let it cure, paint the surface, then pour another layer of resin. I’d repeat this dozens of times until a solid block emerged. Because each curing required 24-48 hours, it required a daily commitment to see the process through to the end. After pouring the resin, I’d use a heat gun to make the resin less viscous, and more prone to releasing air bubbles whipped up when the two parts of the resin were mixed. The curing occured within a rubber sealed vacuum chamber I invented. As air was sucked out from one valve, any air bubbles whipped into the mixture of resin came to the surface. Then, I’d open another valve which introduced an environment of pure carbon dioxide. This atmosphere mixture burst any air bubbles appearing on the surface of the resin. Because uncured resin is highly toxic to be breathed in or touch living cells, all of this had to happen while wearing a respirator and full chemical suit.