Minimum 10% NFT Royalties – Letter to Platforms

2020 | artists on blockchain

Dear partner platforms,

We, as a group of united cryptoartists, recognise a unique opportunity to chart a new course in the art world and improve conditions for all artists of today and tomorrow. We believe that by implementing an artist royalty of 10% on secondary sales, we can ensure that artists can share in the success they have worked so diligently to achieve.

As our partners in creating this new art movement, we value your platforms, just as you value our art. We value our collectors, your customers, and see them also as collaborators in creating this new art world. All of us together can stand united in securing reasonable royalties for all current and future artists. We now have the technology to enable this. We ask you to implement a 10% (or greater) artist royalty in your smart contracts to ensure future and existing creators have the resources they need to keep creating.

Please help us to further democratise this technology we all love so much.

For historical context and additional details along with statements by individual artists (being added as they are completed) please see:

If you would like to discuss any details with us or have any questions about this, please let me know and I will arrange an invite to the Discord server for you.

Peace and love,

from all of us:

Lawrence Lee
Matt Kane
Alotta Money
Josie Bellini
Giant Swan
Bård Ionson
oficinas TK

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