Studio Art Practice Meets Generative Art / Creative Coding

Matt Kane is a groundbreaking artist who harnesses the transformative capabilities of code and computing to bring his intricate, multi-layered visions to life. Utilizing custom-designed software as his digital easel, Kane employs generative algorithms to craft dazzling artworks that traverse a wide spectrum of themes. He is a digital maestro who reinterprets historical aesthetics through the lens of code, achieving with geometric precision what the Old Masters accomplished with oils.

His 2021 collection, “Gazers,” has not only captivated the art world but also nurtured an active community that engages in lively discourse around the ever-evolving pieces, which are dynamically programmed to mirror the lunar cycles of our Moon. His latest series, “ANONS,” offers an array of vivid, algorithmically-crafted portraits inspired by unidentified photobooth snapshots from his own private archive.

“Matt’s approach to art and technology is unique and refreshing” —SuperRare

A Chicago born, gallery exhibited artist in his early twenties, Kane left the art world for a decade to work as a web developer in the Pacific Northwest. It was there that he taught himself programming, gained life experience, and made career choices centered around creating, at a future date, the work he’s currently devoted. Kane began as a painter of oils to become a painter of code.

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