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matt kane selected exhibitions

2022-2023 Not Only RGB, Curated by Chiara Braidotti & Sia Pineschi, MoCDA. Online, Decentraland

2022-2023 DYOR, Curated by Nina Roehrs, Kunsthalle Zürich. Zurich Switzerland

2022 Coded Elegance, Curated by Sarah Meyohas, 1stDibs, Online.

2022 MetaVanity, Venice, Biennale Arte 59, Curated by Vanity Fair in collaboration with Valuart

2022 Decentral Art Pavilion, Venice

2022 Icons of Crypto Art, The 721, Dubai

2021 Gazers, Curated by ArtBlocks, Online.

2021 The Gateway, Group Show at Miami Art Week, nft now x Christies.

2021 DART 2121: Crytpo Art Is Now, Group Show at Dart Milano, Milan Italy.

2021 If Time Is Money, Are ATMs Time Machines Group Show curated by KADIST, Golden Eagle Art Museum, Nanjing, China

2021 The Door, First Series on SuperRare, Online.

2021 CAFA NEAL Lab Global NFT Art Global Group Show, CAFA, Shanghai

2021 CryptOGs: Pioneers of Crypto Art 1st curated NFT Sale at Bonhams

2021 Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, 1st curated NFT Sale, Co-curated by Sotheby’s and Robert Alice. Sotheby’s, NYC, London, Hong Kong

2021 Meules, Metaverse Satellite to Natively Digital, Cryptovoxels 

2021 Share The Light I: A Pop-Up Roof Exhibition, Curated by Matt Kane, Cryptovoxels

2021 DigitWork – NFTs – Is it Art? – group show curated by John Anderson – online.

2021 Virtual Niche, Curated by Bohan Sun. UCCA Lab, Beijing China

2021 The Other Art Fair Los Angeles, Booth curated by Museum of Crypto Art

2020 Renaissance 2.0 2.0, Curated by Eleonora Brizi. Rome, Italy

2020 KittyBungalow Cat Art Show Charity Auction + Exhibition, Cryptovoxels

2020 SuperRare Birthday Party, SuperRare SpaceStation, Cryptovoxels

2020 Get Out Art Show, curated by Coldie, Citadel 6.15, Cryptovoxels

2020 Hacking the Tower at ETHDenver, projection mapping group show curated by Jessica Angel, Night Lights Denver, Daniels Fisher Clocktower, Denver

2019 Inaugural Group Show, The Rose Nexus Gallery, Cryptovoxels

2019 Strobe Warning, Dimension Gallery, Cryptovoxels

2018 Prime Time: F00TW3RK, GIF Party, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago IL

2016 Group Show, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

2008 Group Show, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

2007 Artropolis: Intuit Show of Folk and Outsider Art, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

2006 Matt Kane: Family Album, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

2005 Intuit Show of Folk and Outsider Art, Gallery 2, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

2004 Group Show, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

2004 Intuit Show of Folk and Outsider Art, Gallery 2, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

select awards & honors

2022 nftnow NFT100 List

2021 Top 100 Notable People in Blockchain

2021 Recipient of Pak’s The Builder

2020 Most Innovative NFTNFT Awards – Winner

2020 Best Charity NFTNFT Awards – Nominee

2020 Record NFT Sale – First Sale Over $100K


2003 BS in education, Northern Illinois University

Gazers featured in ICONS OF CRYPTO ART in Dubai. 2022.
The future generation of artists looks on at “Meules after Claude Monet,” at Sotheby’s in London. 2021.
a woman sits on a couch at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, watching an animation of Stephen Hawking. In the background is a yellow sculpture forming the words I WAS RAISED ON THE INTERNET
Featured among the “TOP 25 GIFS” from Prime Time F00TW0RK at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 2018.