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Frameless Resin Box
Oil Painting – Process Photos
Layered Vision of Leona Proof of Concept

Frameless Resin Box

By 2007, I’d perfected my resin box creation process, employeeing a more sophisticated vacuum chamber and pouring resin into homemade silicone molds. After unmolding, these were suitable for viewing from all directions, not requiring framing. The ability to view the artwork from all angles matched my inspirational dream. Few of these were made, though, before I decided for various reasons to discontinue using resin. 

  1. Resin is dangerous and despite my precautions, I had health concerns associated with daily prolonged use of resin within a home studio.
  2. Resin boxes are extremely heavy– even the small ones. Creating them at any scale simliiar to that of my dream was incompatible with my resources. 
  3. Resin boxes are solid. In my dream, the figures were lifesize and I walked through them or at least between the layers. 

I had to ask myself if my dream were a true vision of the future, then could the path forward be resin? Or should I move on and concern myself with materials that were more compatible with my vision? The answer was yes. 

Layered Vision of Leona Proof of Concept

Once upon a summer evening, I had a dream of walking around an art show. I was intimately familiar with all the work but recognized none of it. My heart was an ache and my mind was a blank. Within the course of the dream, I realized I was at a future exhibit of my own work. A retrospective perhaps? One room I entered was very dark with black walls. As I walked closer to the center of the room, I began to see figures of boys luminate. As I moved around the life size figures, their forms fell away as though they’d been painted on successive layers of glass. But there was no glass. The paint seemed to hang in the air. I proceeded to walk through the figures, between the layers, observing the artwork from all angles I could. The figures were made up of geometric patterns and a rainbow of colors up close. It was of a complexity I couldn’t imagine contriving. And it was only when I stood back at one point in the room did the various shapes and patterns form a complete image. From any other angle, it was a beautiful offset abstraction. It was like nothing I’d ever seen. Like nothing I’d ever experienced. I was twenty years old and convinced I’d been given a glimpse of my future. Or if not my future, then it was a future I’d commit myself to manifesting. Within days of the dream, I used 3D modeling software to create a crude mock-up of the effect I witnessed.