WRITING ADVICE (for Oshono and all others who ask)

Writing at its best is a biological event.
There is an impulse.
There is a release.
If it wants to come rushing out, let it.

If you sit too long on the toilet,
straining your sphincter;
The same can be said for sitting too long
before your keyboard.
If it’s not already there, don’t push it.
Drink a glass of water. Go for a walk.
Try and get things moving.

Also, you’re going to output
some equivalence to input.
You are what you eat.
Pay attention to the quality
of what comes out.
Ask yourself what you consumed that day?
What made that one better than the last?

I’ve found that coffee helps me.

Whatever you write,
don’t forget to wipe.
Edit again and again
until the paper comes clean.

Additionally, unless you’re in the habit
of holding someone’s hand
while squeezing one out,
don’t ask for advice on how to write.
Don’t show someone your draft
before it’s ready.
Don’t be too eager to share.
Even if it’s the longest on record,
or just that much different,
most won’t care. Know your audience.

And don’t stand over the toilet,
looking down, feeling too proud.
When it’s done, just flush it.
There will be another.
In the history of shit and prose,
there will always be more.

Finally, never forget
to wash your hands.
Writing can get messy.

Most importantly,
don’t be afraid
what’s inside you.

written on 10/26/2013 by: Matt Kane