Winter was your abductor—
who locked you in the trunk.
He drove you to his warehouse
where he let you hold the key to your chains and locks.
And that is when he slapped his chilling breeze
straight across your face.
There was no room in Bethlehem.
There would be no easy escape.

He dressed you naked in your mother’s makeup,
with fake eyelashes and pearls.
He sang you laments in Christmas carols—
and fed you wine with peppermint bark.

Winter was a cruel one,
so you shivered to feel warm in his cold love.
Winter said he would like to keep you forever,
but he promised to free you in April showers.

Naked like a newborn;
Soft as snow on a frozen pond.
If you survive his imprisonment,
you will flourish like a painter’s brush.

So go on and feel strong again.
Winter is just a frame of mind.
He can even be a friend to you.
Ask for a slice of his pumpkin pie.

written on 11/21/2009 by: Matt Kane