More ruthless
than asking yourself this question
upon meeting or re-meeting a one
after it is too late for either of you
to do anything meaningful about—
is learning the answer to that question;
What if?
And smiling in the shower,
twirling circles in and out of time
as you clean yourself of that memory;
Remembering how he or she looked
when you both were so young
with the limitless possibility
which only accompanies love;
The same one you let go
for an education in pain—
is the same one you now hold;
As hypotheticals descend
both your naked wrinkles,
swirling circles— like you,
down into the drain—
to tunnel below the Earth—
and perhaps one day,
come out clean again.
But by then, you’ll be needing
another shower,
for different reasons all together.

written on 01/30/2011 by: Matt Kane