Nothing is worse
than getting hot
while the waiter
is done with you
and there is that
waiting for your
table to open up.
Nothing is worse
for those waiters.
They will have to
for me to finish
writing my poem
about how much
I am
enjoying myself
while the waiters
wait to clean up
my mess
and those other
waiters wait to
sit down where I
sit, writing up
all this.
What I am waiting
on is my one final
warmup for my cup.
Is that too much
to ask?
That waiter talks
to the waiters and
now the waiter is
telling me that a
couple is waiting
for me.
“Thank you,” I say
as I get up to go.
“I was just waiting
to know
how my poem ends.”

written on 01/24/2013 by: Matt Kane