You push me away like pine needles
puffing scratches across your white
freckled face.
And it is here that you hear me thump
like a rock skipping shadows across a
wide frozen pond.

And in a way, I hear you call my name
like an orphan— being summoned
to greet a new set of parents,
who hold every hope in my hands.

Love is like an old tire swing, swaying on a willow,
waiting for somebody— who’d like— to sit down.
But it never occurs like the train-whistle blows
in the blackened forgetting of twilight;
My face in a space that never denies
why I gave up on all my desires.

What happened? What happened to this child?
What happened? Say what you’ve heard of
white whiskers tickling snow from my nose.

Love— Love let me down.
And Love— Oh, Love broke my crown.
And Jill came tumbling— toward another—
down the green, scratchy pastures of Summer.
So I thirst and I search for some water,
but no drop ever quenches my desires.

Love is like my initials traced in the sand—
being washed away harshly by the tide and by timely demands.
Love, I know you don’t hurt anyone who has not deserved your threats,
so I wonder and I wish whatever dirty deed I did,
Please forgive me? Please embrace me again?

written on 11/30/2010 by: Matt Kane