Tragedy of Dreams

The tragedy of dreams is having them at all
because your own will almost always be unrealized
because another person saw theirs through before you,
breaking the white tape at the end of the race.
Or by making good on your own dreams,
you are almost certainly taking up position on podium
that another would be if you weren’t so strong or so fast.
His dream or her dream spoiled by your own dream.
Congratulations. You are the spoiler of dreams.
How does it feel to ruin so many days for so many dreamers?

But I guess that’s why talent, luck, and preparation are so important.
Knowing the right people too. Except I don’t rely on those sorts of connections
until I have become too good of friends with the pawn shop owner.
Only then is it okay to get what I need—
from people. Otherwise, the talent and preparation are taken care of
and because I am a golden boy, luck is always waiting somewhere
for me to just bend over and pick up.
But be sure to observe—
that it’s in the bending over
and the reaching—
that you are at your most vulnerable for the opportunists
otherwise known as predatory vultures.
It’s happened before.
It will happen again.
But my flesh is surely present in whatever form they molest.

written on 08/11/2010 by: Matt Kane