Early in the morning;
Early in a life;

Everyone tries
to get somewhere

But whatever happened
to waking up late,
enjoying breakfast
and taking care
of what matters
before it is time
to make something
of yourself that day?

Early in the morning,
I am asleep, dreaming.
I don’t care
if all the good parking
is taken by the time
I get into the city. No.

Because most of you,
rushing around,
won’t last long
and will have gone
by the time
it is my turn to arrive.

The secret of life, perhaps,
is not setting an alarm clock
or paying any attention
to where the sun is at
in the sky.

The secret, perhaps,
is simply allowing yourself
to be you— in spite of
the lines
everyone else gets into.

The secret is—
learning to allow
loneliness to set in
and still be alright.

written on 04/15/2011 by: Matt Kane