Sitting on
the toilet in Toasties,
the cutest cat
in blue bow tie
peeks out in surprise
a stenciled rose bush.

This bathroom mural
surmises the cottage
of this most splendid
Monterey breakfast place;
established 1986 as
the cement sidewalk says.

Back at my table,
I ask if the Benedicts
are any good.

“They’re good,”
the server says shyly.

“It’s the best
I’ve ever had,”
I tell her
after devouring
it and
the heaping helping
of roasted potatoes.

Truly, this dish is
worth the air fare
from anywhere
if you are
a fan of Eggs Benny.

The service is spot on
and my coffee cup
never goes half below
the ceramic white rim.

Toasties in Monterey;
come for the crab
benedict and
stay for the kitty cat
on the wash room wall.

written on 03/18/2014 by: Matt Kane