Success is the solution;
The way to be done.

Success for me means
doing it
in a way
that has not yet been.

Success for some others,
is doing it in the way
that others have done
and gotten it right,
standing in line,
following the leader—
like dominoes
toppling for centuries;
To be stacked back up
by the next game player.

Success is a proven feeling
of accomplishment;
But more than this—
it is towering up,
above failure,
and the naysayers.
Success is the short victory
where life triumphs death.
It is winning,
in spite of the inevitable
defeat that comes for all
the game players—
toppling for centuries.

Some do it alone.
Some do it first.
Most follow others,
while a few leave behind
the evidence, the diagram.
Their flag planted in soil.
Faces carved in dynamite.
Or just words on paper,
pigment on parchment,
bones hung in museums,
and satellites
transmitting signals
to a civilization
that no longer listens.

Success is right now—
and it is yours or theirs,
but always your choice
which it is.
So take it,
topple and follow.
Light a sparkler for me
at the tricentennial,
if we make it that far.

written on 03/19/2011 by: Matt Kane