Some women
are beautiful enough
to make men believe
they should have done
something different
on the way
to wherever it is
that they are, now,
staring at her waist;
The way she leads his eye
left and right,
up and down, all around—
as she turns in circles—
stretching her magic
across eternity.
And he wishes he could trap
her magnificent melody
within the lid of a music box.
And he wishes he could
just once wake to that song
and hear her play to his finish
without the gears grinding down.
We wish and we pray— to no avail,
everyday. No matter what we do
that is different or new,
these beautiful creatures do not care;
Their beauty trapped outside keeps us
outside. And we are left with the ones
who make us believe that all we do
matters. And they are magnificent,
outside and in.
Some women are
all the trouble in the world.

written on 08/29/2011 by: Matt Kane