Red popsicles spill open
from gray paper wrappers
like a zipper down my arm;
To melt in the bathtub
like diamond rings
dropped down a drain.


This mess will require
a professional to be telephoned.
Lots of work needs to be done
to recover what I accidently
Oh yes, and lots of scrubbing,
regardless. The landlord will
want this tub to sparkle
as if I had never moved

The only evidence of me
on walk through
will be the residue
stuck up inside the fireplace;
Wet and black, like a smoker’s perfume.

But what to do
with these popsicle sticks
and stained pink packaging?
Throw them down the garbage chute
and let the land-fills have me.
I have never felt this sentimental
toward junk food until NOW.

written on 11/15/2010 by: Matt Kane