Poems I wrote this morning which I didn't want to burn in a plane crash with me.

Poem 1
I swore to always love you,
but never to say so with such force.
Like the glowing orange globe on your nightstand,
I am casting shadows from an earth
too small for me to stand.
And like the tear drop
falling from your lip gloss,
my death will taste
like beeswax
frosting strawberry patch.
I swore upon your shoulders
in a romantic sunshine glance—
that I shall always love you,
despite never knowing
if I should ever have a chance.

Poem 2
I am the lightning bug that kissed you.
I am the squished consequence.
I am in the soap you wash me off with—
sliding down warm
as if to forgive
your naked skin.

Poem 3
Nobody knows how it has felt
to kneel at your dress.
Nobody knows the depths I will go;
The salt on the snow;
The faults in the sand;
The cracks in the glass;
The nightmare I live—
when you are not with.

Nobody knows.

But everybody laughs—
and that’s all I understand.

written on 05/10/2010 by: Matt Kane