The people who claim marriage

The people who claim marriage
can only be between
a man and a woman
are not so different
from the people who make a habit
of sending back dishes to a kitchen,
upon one glance—
with no close inspection—
claiming the steak
is not bloody
or that it is too
or that they specifically said,
“dressing on the side,
no onions, no tomato,
hold the mayo, on whole
wheat; not rye.
And absolutely

These people
who exhibit such nerve
just for the public show
of it—
These people must eat
their share of snot, spit,
and other such matters
that do not belong
on their plate
in the first place.
The problem is that
they believe there is
only one right way
of doing anything;
Their way;
And without trying anything
that differs from their own
pretense, or giving credence
that other diners order it up,
they send it back
to be thrown out
while people outside
on the streets,
go jobless, homeless—
the banks close down,
the Dow is down,
our credit rating is down-
graded— and the battle
they pick
is a man going down
on another man?

I’d pack my bags tomorrow
if I just thought I had a shot
at landing the gig
of a short order chef
anywhere near the capitol;
If I just thought I had a shot.
But there are probably plenty
of bag boys with college degrees
who have more business there
than I do.

written on 08/18/2011 by: Matt Kane