I suppose it was
that time
I said something
against an affiliation
of yours. Whether it be
religion, sex, politic,
glamour, grammar,
or perhaps
just not living up
to some standard
you expected;
I don’t know.

Or I suppose
you’ve decided
I am far too quiet
and you require
a little more than I offer;
Or I’m just too loud lately?
I don’t know.

I don’t know. And thus,
this arrives with no reason
to apologize; You or I.

It’s okay. I don’t mind. Really.
This; These things; They happen.
But what rips me
are the people who part ways
without so much as a word.
No transition. No explanation.
No reason. No goodbye.
They just go. They just exit.

Stage-left friends.
Sometimes more.
Once upon a time, my sister.
They all go.
They all leave. Still alive
with viable words in mouth—
but they do not speak them to me.
These people drift as though victims
to some cosmic breeze; Ridiculous.

And so, I part with my ego now
and I surrender to you this—
that it was very much nice
seeing you again—
to know you again
and learn you’ve done well.
I wish you the best
and should we ever cross paths again, please
do not treat me as though we are strangers.
For at one time or another,
we were friends— in this life;
Not just on Facebook
by the click of a button.
But Friends; Comrades; Teammates;
We were, in our youth, something which our future escapes.

written on 01/11/2012 by: Matt Kane