the only beautiful woman

the only beautiful woman
on this train just passed
me. we
had much in common.
she was alone and i am
always alone. as she went,
i hoped the train might lurch.
just let her topple into me,
i prayed. but as i told the
two who asked at dinner the
night before,
i don’t think
about religion,
so that’s why these prayers
always go unanswered.
she didn’t leave me alone
very long though.
soon, a big oaf stumbled in
to sit at the table beside mine.
he had a PBR and bag of Doritos.
a wet stain precariously marred
the jeans over his left butt cheek.
he proceeded to slurp and chomp,
followed by pronounced belching.
when the beautiful girl returned,
I prayed again for the train to lurch.
this time it did, and she fell into him.
“i’m guessing you go to church,” i said.
he smiled. “sure do.”
“no,” she said. “no.”
just as I thought. we had lots in common.

written on 11/04/2015 by: Matt Kane