Oh woes me.

I have changed careers
so many times,
but through them all
I remain the architect
of our misery.

There is no more caffeine
left in those coffee grounds;
You gave me
under that bright red bow
and sympathy card,
celebrating the dismissal
of my wedding.
There is no sweet temptation
left in the burden of our bed sheets,
grown cold
from a door
you left cracked wide open.
There is only left and right;
No more wrongs can undo
the duties of my literary affairs.

I have loved
so many more,
than ever will return
the sentiments of this man
to every woman.
There is no more frosting
on my birthday cake.
The crows have woken
and the seagulls have sunk.

It is time to walk to work again.

written on 12/28/2009 by: Matt Kane