I take a walk.
Every day, I take the same walk
into the same woods at the same
time, turning around
in the same place. Every day,
I find my thoughts
are never the same;
although the trees seem to be.
When it snows, I know
there are others who walk here.
I see their footprints
and I wonder if they see mine.
Where I go, there is a hollow
in a tree
where someone hangs
a crusifix.
Even the squirrels need saving;
something besides nuts?
I hear them scurry over leaves
and I wonder if they hear me.
One day, I watched a tree fall
into the path in front of me.
It made the sound of
a thousand reeds snapping in slow motion.
I wondered if it would have made a sound
at all if I’d arrived ten seconds sooner.

written on 01/24/2016 by: Matt Kane