There is a story
about an otter
rescued and rehabilitated
at a cost
of eighty thousand dollars.
Countless marine animals had been
victim to the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
So aboard a boat,
amongst a cheering crowd,
two rehabilitated otters were
released back to nature
and promptly gobbled up
by a hungry killer whale.
The people didn’t know
what to think.
Nature is not kind;
In any form. The big fish
eats the little fish
until there are too many
little fish and the big fish
feeds the multitudes.

The story, in this case
was just that; Made up
by someone sending email in 1998,
“just in case you were having a bad day.”
It just goes to show our nature.
Wanting to believe
in something that is not true
and passing it along
as fact
just to make ourselves feel
about our own lives,
destined to be swallowed
in plain view
of our own cheering crowd.

written on 06/19/2011 by: Matt Kane