You trapped me
and all my affection.
And you hold me
in the shoebox
on your lap.
Like a moth deceptively
ensnared by the glow
of a firefly swimming
behind your beer bottle glass.

Why do you take me
for granted—
when you could be
taking me—
all night?
Why do you live by
your honor—
when love offers
that dims every light?

I got used
to heal your sickness.
I got used
to write your demands.
But why address this random to another—
when I deliver satisfaction
at no extra cost?

Why do you continue to come here?
Do you believe every
is meant for you?
Like my body—
laid in your basket;
And disposed of in moonlight
by the heights
of your short fuchsia skirt.

You trapped me
by your darkness.
If you are the sun,
let me be the fool—
who dances with you in the shadows cast
by the boys who receive warmth from the burning of your soul.

written on 03/08/2010 by: Matt Kane