I remember love before I fell apart.
My left ear pressed to your beating heart.

You scratched my head and bit your tongue.
The words stained concrete beneath your lover’s cloudless sun.

I remember love before my spirit went bust.
Swirling pigments of cadmium.
Dissolve to water, to air, through my lungs.
Then pour me out steady, to the ocean when I’m done.

I remember your breath, your fingers, and that glance.
I remember the texture, the suede leather, and romance.

You scratched my head and bit my tongue.
There were no words between us except for hello.
We tangled our bodies, our lives, and our souls.
We wrapped the night in heaven and three year old cologne.

I remember love before you moved away.
Apologies for leaving.
Apologies for staying.
Apologies I couldn’t be stronger when we had begun.
You don’t need to forgive me, but I need you to know,
I should have loved you better like I do while I write this poem.

written on 04/24/2009 by: Matt Kane