Love is like water.
We need it to live.
We consume it.
We waste it.
We’re cleansed by it.
We’re made of it.

When we’re in love,
it’s like being
submerged in a body
of water.
At first, we’re nervous.
We just dip a toe in.
We test the temperature.

Then, we canon ball.

We dive head first;
no fear for the undertow.
Looking down, we realize
how deep we are.
Some love is so deep
we can’t see bottom.
Is it endless, we wonder?
It just goes on
into clouds
of sun kissed silt
or deceptive darkness.

When we’re out of love,
we tend to drip.
The longer you’d been in,
the wetter you get and
the longer it takes
to dry off
and change.

you never get dry.
And you never get back in.
And that love
you’d been in
hovers like a mist.
You just stand outside
in a fog.
You wish it would rain.
You wish it would pour.
But so rare, here,
is the thunderstorm.
So you learn to love
the drizzle.
You learn to love
the trickle.

Love is like water.
Drink it cold
piss it warm.

written on 02/14/2014 by: Matt Kane