Life is like an iPod

Life is like an iPod.
Each of us
chooses our own soundtrack.
It’s whether we set our life
on shuffle or repeat
that decides
a life led less predictably.
We update our lives
with new songs
or we settle with what’s been
familiar for so long.

Life is like an iPod.
We plug it in every night
or we regret our decision
not to, the next day.
We are different colors
from different generations.
We outfit ourselves
for protection and fashion.
We judge one another
based on superficialities
that don’t matter.
What matters is who we are
on the inside.
What matters
is the music.

Life is like an iPod.
Some of us have a touch screen.
Others of us have a click wheel.
But we all touch ourselves
when we need to adjust
our volumes.

Life is like an iPod
and we live our lives knowing
one day
our batteries will run out.
We’ll go to sleep,
think we’re charging,
and never turn back on again.
Some people believe
they stand a better chance
in the hereafter,
registering with the manufacturer.
Others don’t believe in warranties.
But until that day we are done,
we play our music loud, on full volume.
Our earbuds bleeding
into the eardrums sitting beside us
in the back of the bus–
as we go bopping
with the bumps along the way
to our destination, wherever that is.
And who cares where that is,
so long as it has
the correct sort of cord
we can plug into.

Life is like an iPod.
Be happy life is NOT like a Zune
or we’d all be extinct;

written on 10/13/2013 by: Matt Kane