It’s always the people
who haven’t seen me
in “a long time,”
that always tell me
I’m looking good.
“Seems like you’re doing
what you should be doing,”
they almost always add,
or something like that.

I imagine one day,
“a long time,” from now,
they’ll have the same
sentiments about me
and my life,
whilst observing me
face up in a casket.
“I don’t ever remember
seeing him
this alive,”
they’ll add.
I’ll strain to grin,
like I always did.

They’ll be right.
They always are;
even after not seeing me
in “a long time.”
If only they could live
my life for me.
Then, I think, I’d really
look good.
Better than I have
in “a long time.”

written on 09/25/2014 by: Matt Kane