The people living here;
They like their bargain.
Whether it is drawn
or whether it is words;
Whether it is song
or sometimes has curls.
People like their bargain.

Everyone I have ever known
is greedy
for one thing or other.
Everyone is anxious
for a dinner bell
to be rung;
Even when they are not hungry;
They will stuff their faces
with biscuits, butter, and sweaty cheese.
Anything placed before them,
especially if
is cheap.

The people living here;
They will take whatever they can—
just because they can—
and for what little they can.
Even sometimes when they cannot,
they still find a way to take
one way or another.

Everyone wants
for half price
with double or triple our efforts.
The people living here,
they do not care
how much time, thought,
or dedication
really requires.
They just want to take
what they can get
for as little as they can,
as quick as they can.

The people living here;
All of them,
sooner or later,
will want us, you and I, to die—
so that they find out,
in due time, at last, what piece, if any,
they are getting
of us;
Who gave
and gave
and self made
what no one else was willing to spend what
takes to create.

Even after I
am dead, gone, and happy,
the people living here;
They will still expect their bargain
and one way or another,
it will be
me, giving it
to them.

written on 10/21/2010 by: Matt Kane