If you ever

If you ever bottom out;
If you ever give up;
If ever you wake to embrace
you are the one
without anything
or anyone more
to lose,
then it is time we meet up.
Buy a beat up truck.
See how far it goes.
Down country roads,
city blocks,
or anywhere we want to stop.

Let’s scatter bubbles like ashes
atop skyscrapers in Chicago.
Let’s run with flashlights
through overgrown fields
past antique Ohio farms,
chasing fireflies with jam jars.
Let’s pick strawberries at midnight
and trample every law of caution,
sleeping naked atop a barn loft
and leaving early enough
to race the farmer.
Let’s abandon our commitments
like salt stirred in water.
Let’s set fire to our credit cards
and talk about the weather.
Let’s rent a cheap motel room,
just outside Nova Scotia
and shoot Polaroid photos
of all our hushed desires.
Let’s fill the bathtub with frozen water
to race our bodies against an ice cube.
Let’s warm ourselves by broken heaters
and imagine what the next hour might hold,
while holding one another.

If you ever need adventure;
If you ever need disaster;
Then it is time we meet up.
I’ll be ready to leave by tomorrow.

written on 06/23/2010 by: Matt Kane