If I

If I could make love
like the morning sun
to the mist,
the valley,
and slow widening eyes
of pink Asiatic Lilies.
If I could be for you,
a bright burst of light
in every wet dew drop
that lies on your lips,
rippling in time to our
rhythmic percussion.
If I could warm
to a glow
what darkness
made cold.
If I could make love
like this,
do you think I would
busy myself trying to
make love to you
with small movements
of my mouth,
sounding out metaphor
past your wisps,
while you beg
for my hands
to busy themselves
on your breast?
If I could do
all of this,
do you imagine
you might be
who I imagined,
writing this?

written on 04/15/2016 by: Matt Kane