My struggle for today
is decided upon
against the backdrop
of discontent
which tomorrow threatens
like some caged beast,
thrashing its cliff edge teeth against the rattling arms of time;
The most genuine of barriers between ourselves and our demise.

This is the frozen lake,
which collects all we have done.
This is the winter,
which precedes the flood.
This is the glacier,
crawling over our history—
leaving fragments of our culture like broken chandelier,
to be worshipped as foreign monuments—
and to be mined as souvenirs.

My struggle for today
is personal and public;
Political and private.
My struggle for today is in many ways
my choice of art over religion,
friendship over a mistress;
Coffee over the pavement.

Some days, I plug in my hair dryer and aim it out the window.
This is just my little contribution.
Make no mistake.
We are going to get much hotter
before it gets cold.
If this is the Winter,
I cannot wait for the flood.
If this is the glacier,
we had better begin to run.

written on 01/23/2010 by: Matt Kane