I wake broken
like a fighter
that never fought
because he became broken
before he ever learned
to make
his fist perform
his work.

I wake broken
like a lightbulb,
still lit,
but inherently broken
as everyone looks at me
knowing I
will need to be replaced,

Screw me and unscrew
me. Turn me on.

I wake broken
like a tide of peeling skin
dragging myself over muscles
and sun tanned sand.

I wake broken,
still dreaming,
a still born human.
Not fully developed.
Not fully alive.
Not fully aware;
The future taken

I wake broken
like a kerosene lamp,
sputtering flame,
puking death,
and farting my life away;
an accident.

I wake broken,
a punch in my face.
Opening the front door
will have to suffice.

written on 03/21/2013 by: Matt Kane