I have dreams sometimes
that I am with a different woman;
Usually one
of my close female friends.
And they are so nice and gentle
to me in the dream.
Typically, in the kitchen, baking;
Serving me something sweet,
running their long nails along my neck,
telling me how wonderful
I am. In the dream, I begin weeping
from sheer happiness. Then, I begin
to wake up and realize
this is all so full of shit.
And I’m glad to be back
with the woman to my right;
poking me in my gut with her elbow,
telling me to get up and cook
her breakfast.
And so I do get up,
crack three eggs, serving her
coffee in bed— while
the bacon is burning behind me.
I tell her how beautiful she is
and joke that she’s still asleep,
having the same dream
that I was.
“Bullshit,” she always says.

“Exactly,” I reply,
peppering her eggs.

written on 09/04/2011 by: Matt Kane