is the silent smiling killer,
who sneaks in, living
among the hummingbirds,
pollinating our minds, daily.
Once she is here, HOPE stays
until we no longer notice her
as any different than the everyday
egg, cracked twice, poured out
and scrambled in a pan.
HOPE stays until she has
grown in us, like cancer; The most
suffocating weight to carry.
So one day, we reject her.
But HOPE does not go
without a fight.
And even after
we cut her out,
some small cell remains forever
to grow back
until we can fight her no more.
Hope and dreams,
and love and dust,
and all the spiders
that crawl inside,
believing our mouth
is a good place to hide—
while we dream of better days
that we never do not wake to
without a very loud cough.

written on 08/09/2011 by: Matt Kane