Her kiss
like an electric prick
to a blister
up and down
my frozen skin;
upon her
All of heaven;
Unreal, yet

Brown dishwater and
pink soap bubbles.
Silver plates of meat.
It all laid out there,
sparkling that night
like a deadpan stare
of a poker player,
holding King and
praying for ace.
All of heaven;
Unreal, yet

These games they play—
It all seemed so foolish
for all
too long? “Love,”
she told me; Love,
as she gently knelt
her smile over my face,
smothering me sweetly
inside her folds
as though I were
dying in a dream;
My cup runneth over.
“Love,” she said.
And that made it all
seem alright.

All of heaven; Unreal, yet
they make me want
to believe;
These Christian girls;
These petals of chance;
These perfumed hands;
They all make me want
what I’ve known too long
to be unreal; yet unyielding—
until the dealer dealt down
to the bottom of the deck.

“I call,” she said.

“Show it to me.”

And she laid down
the ace
I’d waited for—
too long.

“Too long,” she said.

written on 01/20/2012 by: Matt Kane