Words of love hang from pine.
You sit tucked on a Chinese rug
facing front hall mirrors with your arms
swung back.
I want day. You want night.
I want my life torn apart
like a rooster lost after the coyote smiles.

Words of love. Letters of hate.
Poems of remorse for the mess I made.
I want day. You want night.
I visited my funeral yesterday.

This little piggy; He tied a knot—
for every time love cost him
so much hurt.
This little piggy; He wrote a song—
for every time she looked at him
to speak a cruel word.
This little piggy; He swallowed a pill—
for all the other piggies
who were not coming home.

Words of love hang from pine,
spinning like light above a sleeping head.
You were the wind chime.
I was the wall.
You brought the sun to me
almost every morn.

This little heart
wrote a poem—
to ask the world forgiveness
for the life she stole.

Lah. Lah. Lah.
Hah. Hah. Hah.
Hanging like icicles
above a frozen pond.

written on 08/05/2010 by: Matt Kane