She calls me
her Yale lover
because I live
on the Avenue,
North of Stewart.
She just hopes
people will think
differently about
me and the girl
I accepted here
for an education.
When she took
all her diplomas
from my wall,
I knew that she
would never be
back again to stay.
Only for alumni visits;
And certainly not for
her next Masters.
She made perfectly clear,
she intends to pursue This
I still write her—
sending along my
newsletters. I like
keeping all my
alumni abreast
to my doings—
just so they feel
to come back
and spend more
(of my) money.
to my surprise,
she has enrolled
in an evening course
of mine. She gets an A
for effort every period,
but I still might flunk her—
just so she comes back
to make up the credits.
She is my favorite student,
no matter how her attendance
or tardy record is marred
upon my calendar.
I’m just lucky that
she’s a lifelong learner
and that she enjoys
the food service.

written on 11/21/2010 by: Matt Kane