good or bad

white on black,
seeing my skeleton
like all mankind first laid
eyes on our blue marble
from the moon.

i am startled by the fact
i do have a spine,
after all.
i also have kidneys,
a liver, stomach, fat,
i’m very much full of shit.

what surprised me most
were my bones.
they will be, I suppose
what endures; even as
white ash.

i see nothing wrong
in my pictures,
but i wouldn’t know
what i’m looking for.
with anything,
i never know
what i’m looking for;
good or bad.

it’s reassuring
just to see
i’m a human creature;
that i am not filled up
by gears
and springs.
that i am not
carrying any parasitic
alien twin.

i see, now, i am a man;
even if my CT scan
cut me off right above
any proof of that.

written on 01/25/2015 by: Matt Kane