The photo you just showed me;
The one you shot of you, yourself.
It made me smile, back at you;
My rush of blood thickening
the gelatin emulsion of your white, lit, skin.
It made the fondness in my heart for you
emerge; rear up like a koi fish
bouncing its head against a frozen shelf
upon the pond, where you float for days
before being recovered, again, by yourself.
The photo made me wish I wasn’t trapped
down here most days—
while you play in the air,
blowing cold smoke and snapping photos
in soft focus of your warm, brown, haze.
And yes, the photo reminded me
I love you
in stranger ways than I can express
while your lips form dotted outlines
of the smile I persist to kiss,
as though this smooth gelatin print
were flesh
and you were not miles and bridges away.

written on 01/17/2011 by: Matt Kane