Art is not always
what you expect.
Neither are these days
ahead spent meandering
deeper in love. Like grapes
on a vine or chocolates
in a box, you will someday
wish you had more
of these days to nibble;

So do
not wish
these days away so swift.

Do not rush to the finish. Time has
its way; Trust in that.
For millennia, time has stayed steady
as true love and you are but its wink;
as this day is now to your life.

So do not wish these days away
so swift. Do not be so quick to crave
to be several years from now—
in the future. Savor these days
and always save just one more
crumb of cake;
One more kiss
on the pillow;
in the shower;
in the airport;
in the casket.

Always save just one more
sugary scrumptious bite to remind you
how young you are this day;
In love; In marriage; In your home, now.

Both, so young with so much
potential. Savor it. Every day.
The prize you sought; That you could not
wait to come— will be the early morning
waking to the wink of the other when you
were both
so ridiculously young with so much
to do and get done;
One slow dawn.

You have it now. Enjoy it now.
One crumb; One bite; One hungry
appetite at a time; On a day;
This day; And everyday forth.
On and on, it won’t always be
what you expect. This life is yours
to share with each other, each
and every day; Good and bad;
Better or worse;
On and on.

Good luck.
Good luck.
Not that you need it,
but two cents tossed
to a wishing well
never hurt anyone.

written on 08/21/2011 by: Matt Kane