You can salt the seas with these tears stained by light.
You can gather all faults christened though the thaw of ice.
For every continent, island, and Spring,
we’re going to bless this land with Love and sing.

You can bury the prophets,
but you can’t blind their sight.
Befriend a Jew,
and still worship Christ.
Love a Muslim. Don’t think twice.

Let these words fill the hope inside each of us,
seeking the rights of the eternal divine;
or if God aint your thing,
still let your heart free to sing.

You can father an orphan.
Befriend a lost soldier’s wife.
Feed her children and pay for their brown paper kite.
Run every highway to lift that parchment into the sky.
Copy down it’s words and unravel the string tonight.

You can crack a compass,
but the poles will never change;
But for an act of God—
or intervention of man’s industrial rage.
Obey man’s laws,
or tear them apart.
You can punish their tax returns,
but you can’t touch their hearts.
Rewrite a song to echo birds at dawn.
Democratize frailty. It’s ours.

I can’t sleep.
This world is trespassing on all of our rights.
These walls show signs of crumbling and I’m ready to fight,
with a word of kindness or prayer to bless the terrorist:
To you, I’d like to apologize on behalf of all mankind.
But these are only words until you sing them aloud.

I’d like to say Sorry for what mine and every other nation has done-
to sour your countrymen into burning our flags.
For every school, hospital and car that’s been blown apart,
I want to tell you that the human race needs to press restart.

Democratize frailty and love every human being.
Free ourselves from laws created by men,
before other men made those men martyrs or saints.
This is our chance to begin again,
our lives to save.
Democratize frailty. It’s ours!

I can’t sleep.
These words aren’t being sung.
My voice has escaped beside the flight of the dove.

Carry our baby.
We’ll name her Love.
We’re going to feed her with hope and justice for all.
Put down your guns, your pens, and serpent sticks.
We’re going to adopt out our daughter to the hypocrites.

Democratize frailty. It still can be ours.
Democratize frailty- and let Love reach out.

written on 06/20/2009 by: Matt Kane