Deflated lawn ornaments
rest shriveled
like tied off rubbers;
grinning teeth and warped eyes
swim in the snowy semen and seem to say,
“Happy Holidays.”
This one is a Minion. I know
because it’s yellow and blue
with black shoes.

Pools of thaw and soil
onto the fresh rot
of December leaves.
Today is January tenth.
It’s warm enough
to walk without a coat,
but I can’t trust the sky.

I wear year old mittens
and a new knit hat.
I think while I walk
about what waits.
A nap and new eyes,
some work and water.

I step over a puddle
and then through another.
I return with dry feet
A heavy fog lays,
thumbing itself over this day.

Soon, decorations
will go away
and more snow will fall.
And more snow will thaw.

written on 01/10/2018 by: Matt Kane