I felt my fall
seven miles
from here.
I felt my fall
through the
Did I land
or did I
never re-
on the front porch
where she’s been

She sewed my skin
and she soaked me in wine.
She fell in love
with my sweet advice;
“Never walk across bridges
that are covered in ice,
or else
do plan on slip-

I felt my fall,
and I surrendered my fears.
I felt my soul
leave the atmosphere.
I felt so long
that I can’t stay near
toward the Earth
that I am sailing.

She saw me slide
and she waved me near—
toward the good day
we had
away from here.
She said,
“Balance is a symptom
of holding love over fear,
so keep yours
next time you’re falling.”

written on 12/12/2011 by: Matt Kane