Humans threaten other humans
in order to get what they want
because fear is the greatest bargaining chip
known to man;
Fear and the concept of tomorrow.
We are servants to our constructs
because without them
we are animals.
Our only value is to have values.
Our only purpose is to follow
the path our masters
lay before us.

Humans are not much
without belief.
Those few of us without
are the greatest threat
to the order; to the architecture;
So they, toward the top, threaten us.
But if we are truly without, do we fear?
After all else is taken,
what can they possibly threaten, except life
and our concept of tomorrow?

Can we evolve, ever, to be human
without fear, without want, without hunger
for control over others?
Can we evolve, ever, beyond our need to belong?
Beyond the very curve of tomorrow, twisted and bent
by the very heavy tread of our masters upon our heads?
Can we shape destiny and live to see our green grass grow,
from beneath their feet—
rise toward the sky, straight; Unfolding our crushed, swollen bodies?
Can we evolve, ever, to be human, without?
Can we triumph, ever, over fear and the concept of tomorrow?

In the distance, I hear them drumming; The armies marching;
The cars, the trucks, the planes. I hear the engines roaring
and the machine working away, cutting against our grain;
Cutting right through us; Separating us, the united, into ordered lines.
I hear all of this and more, with little to no kickback.

In life, we are losers because we fear
that in our death, there is no victory.
But perhaps in the embrace of death,
far from the reach of any master—
we are finally at liberty to live;
Our bones, moved by muscles—
at the direction of our own minds,
fed by the knowledge that a life worth
living is your own choice.

written on 05/15/2011 by: Matt Kane